First blog post

It’s always tough getting something started, taking those first steps into the realm of the unknown.  We love our comfort zones, don’t we?

This blog post isn’t technically my first.  I’ve written many blog posts on various topics like gardening, homeschooling, and homemaking.  Those are areas where I have many years of experience and have developed a certain level of “expertise” and knowledge, but they’re also really safe and comfortable subjects for me to write about (not a lot of controversy is generated by posts on cold seed stratification, homeschool chicken hatching experiments, or what to cook for dinner using yet another zucchini from the garden).

With this post, however, I begin venturing out of my comfort zone to start writing about a topic I have far less experience and expertise, ergo comfort, in.  It’s been an area of ongoing study, dialogue, and practice in my life for some years now, but it’s something that I still don’t feel very confident about.  I mean,  I love people and love sharing and teaching God’s Word with and to them – I am a Certified Biblical Counselor, after all; however, I struggle with how to do it outside of a counseling room, in the normal, day-to-day mundane-ness of everyday life.

I have a feeling, however, that I’m not alone.  So many women have said to me things like, “I wish I had a mentor (read: a Titus 2 woman)”, or “I wish someone would mentor my daughter”, or “I’d love to be a mentor to someone”, “but I have no idea where to find one, or what it looks like, or how to even begin the process.”  If that sounds like something you or someone you know have said, the good news is you’re not alone.  You’ve got a sister sojourner with you, here!  And, God has put it on my heart to begin chronicling my journey here with you.

I’ll be sharing my successes and failures, theological insights and understandings, and practical things I’m learning along the way.  This blog will serve as a diary, of sorts, where I can contain my thoughts as I seek to get better at mentoring and discipling other women that God puts onto my path.

So…are you ready to step out of your comfort zone with me to learn more about biblical, woman-to-woman discipleship and mentoring in order to come alongside another sister in the day-to-day events of her life to help her grow into Christ-likeness?  Are you ready to pour yourself into the life of another for the sake of her maturity?  Then join me as I blog about all of the things that God is teaching me through His Word, other people, and my own experiences in mentoring, discipling, and even counseling as God draws me out of my comfort zone and teaches me more about what it means to be a Titus 2 Sister.


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