Biblical Mentoring Starts With Listening


One of the barriers, I think, that keeps many Christian women from totally embracing their role as a Titus 2 Sister is the feeling that they just don’t know where to begin when it comes to mentoring or discipling other women.

James 1:19 says that “everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak…”.

Spending time listening to the women that God has placed upon our path is a great way to begin engaging in Titus 2 ministry.

A good listener hears more than just the spoken word, she listens with the intent of learning, and discovering something new or helpful about the person who is speaking.

She is listening for:

~ words the speaker uses to describe what’s going on inside of her heart and mind.

~words that reveal what she thinks about God, His Word, the world, and other people.

~how her body language either lines up with or tells a different story from what she is saying.

~what she hasn’t said that could reveal more information or insight into her as a person.

Can you think of other things a Titus 2 Woman might be “listening” for in a conversation?

If you haven’t already, will you begin to engage in Titus 2 ministry by simply taking the time to practice listening to younger Christian women this week?

Challenge yourself!  The next time you engage in a conversation with another woman, be “quick to listen” – not only to what is being said, but to what is unsaid.  Withhold making comments, offering solutions, or giving advice.  Be “slow to speak” when you join back into the conversation.  By doing so, you will be taking one of the first and most important steps in biblical mentoring: learning how to listen well.


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